Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey: NZEI Te Riu Roa | ACU

Is your school looking after its leadership?

Your school's leadership team is one of your biggest assets. But the pressures on them are so high.

School leaders need time to lead, but dealing with paperwork, Novopay, and everything else means that they're pulling an average of 53-58 hour weeks just to get everything done. Many are doing even more than that. Research by the ACU Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, commissioned by NZEI, shows the full extent of the workload crisis facing educators in New Zealand.

How does your school compare to others in New Zealand? What can your school do? It's a conversation your board needs to have-go into it with the facts.

Six stresses

In this research we've learned that the six major factors making principals unwell are:

  • burnout
  • stress
  • problems with sleeping
  • symptoms of depression
  • workload and long hours
  • work/life imbalance

Do these seem familiar to you? What about your school's staff?

Get the reports

We'll email you a link to the reports -- and we urge you to forward the email to anyone else you know who should be talking about principals' wellbeing.

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