Meetings and information for MoE Support Workers

Next steps

Now we need to vote on whether to ratify the settlement. So that ALL MOE support workers (including non members) can attend ratification meetings to vote, the Ministry has agreed to paid two-hour meetings and paid time for reasonable travel for you from August 27.  These meetings will take place at your local Ministry of Education office and we will advise you of dates and times as soon as possible.

Meeting Schedule

Find out when and where your ratification meeting is.

What about non-members?

This settlement wouldn't have happened without the hard work and solidarity of union members, but the win is for everyone. That makes it the perfect time to approach your non-member colleagues about joining NZEI. You can send them this link and invite them to join us.

What about the re-negotiation of our collective agreement?

The pay equity settlement will be incorporated into new terms of settlement for your new collective agreement, along with a number of other minor changes.  The new agreement will be sent to you in September for ratification by online vote.


Authorised by Paul Goulter, National Secretary, NZEI Te Riu Roa, 178 Willis Street Wellington