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Show your Support for Ministry of Education (MoE) Service Managers - the glue in the support system for children with additional learning needs.

MoE Service Managers are responsible for the allocation and management of support services for children with additional learning needs.

They are asking for parity with other managers in the MoE.

Yet the latest offer from the MoE falls well short.

It doesn't value children with additional learning needs, nor the people that provide key support to them.

It is not good enough that these managers, supporting children who need the most help, get the worst pay.

So they will be striking from 7.00am 21 January 2019 until 7:00pm 28 February 2019, and the strike is:

- A ban on attending meetings (internal or external) at which the Learning Support Update and/or the Service Delivery Model is on the agenda or added to it; and

- A ban on working beyond 8 hours a day; and
- A ban on working beyond 40 hours per week.

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Authorised by Paul Goulter, National Secretary, NZEI Te Riu Roa, 178 Willis Street Wellington