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Support staff: 101 reasons why

For Support Staff Day 2017, we asked the community to send in 101 reasons why support staff are so important to their schools and centres. We were absolutely inundated with responses!

Learning Support Assistant

Every day I see students that benefit from our support

Support Staff – Golden Bay

We are worth it,
We always go that extra mile.
Schools would struggle to function without support staff.

We should be paid for what we are worth.
Not what the schools can afford.

Science Technician
We are experienced skilled workers who have student’s best interest at heart.

Teacher Aide/Admin/Librarian
We deserve to be recognised not only for what we do for our school but what we do for the children that we help support.
We need job security.

Support Staff – Nelson

We are getting a raw deal. Our wages don’t reflect the work we do in our schools. Pay us what we are worth.

Support Staff – Motueka

We are worth it!
Our children are worth it!
Better Funding – Better Learning

Recreational Officer – Motueka

“We are under valued and exploited by people who have no understanding of peoples worth.”

Senco – Nelson

“Without valuing our support staff we do not truly value our akonga.”
“Without support staff schools can not exist.”

Teacher from Auckland

I am a Pomaria teacher ( from Auckland) in the Whanau Unit and I think that we need better funding for support staff because….They help teachers in a BIG WAY and they play a big part to help our learners achieve their goals and RAISE LEVELS in all curriculum areas.

Learning Assistant – Nelson

We individually can spend up to 28 hours per week with students – this is more contact hours than teachers. We are mentors, confidantes, friends, medical helpers – We do our job because we make a difference !

Hampstead School

They are an essential (and currently undervalued) resource who play a crucial role in supporting students of the highest need. To attract and keep the right expertise support staff need to be valued, supported and better funded.
We need them. We value them. They are essential to the education of our students with special needs.

Sonya and Mary from Levin School

“Children in NZ deserve the bedst education. Our kids need us! We are worth more!”
“We all deserve a livable wage. We need to invest in our children’s future.”

Support staff from Marfell Community School in New Plymouth

Because without them, our schools just wouldn’t function. Our children NEED support.

Board of Trustee Member New Plymouth

I am a Board of Trustees Member and I think that we need better funding for support staff because…. conservative governments have repeated countlessly on the importance of education. If education is the key to an enlightened nation any cut to any segment of the education sector (support staff) will only lead to many of the dreams and aspirations of parents, caregivers, whanau and more important our students of today. The vital rule the support staff play should not be undervalued. Any cuts to support staff will impact on our already over worked teaching fraternity. Think of the legacy you are leaving on our pupils if you devalue the role of support staff.

Teacher From Auckland

They teach learners for the future of New Zealand.
They need to feel valued.
To help retain great staff
They support learners who need one to one or small group support.

Teacher Aides from Waitara

We are needed!

Fiona from Mararoa School

Life would become very difficult in our school for; the children, the principal, the teachers and the parents!

We all deserve realistic funding from the government.

Teacher aides in Central Hawke's Bay

We deserve job security!

Support staff in Central Hawke's Bay

Our kids need us. Our teachers need us. We are worth more!!

Staff from Pahiatua Bush

We support staff (teachers), encourage and support our students, organise student environments, over and above our duties. We use our “top 2 inches”. We deserve it!!

Support staff in Counties Manukau

These support staff in West Auckland say they’re worth more.

Support staff in Wairoa

Our work hours have gone down but our volunteer hours have gone up – support staff in Wairoa