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Our pay equity campaign for educators

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Pay equity for school administration staff

Starting in late 2017, we began building a pay equity case for school administration staff. Find out how to get involved, and see some of the work we've done so far.

How the claim process works

Any claims for pay equity for those who do school administration work will need to follow the pay equity principles. This is a process for Pay Equity claims - produced by unions, businesses and the government.

Broadly, pay equity claims are stepped out – beginning with showing the work is historically and presently undervalued because it’s seen as “women’s work”; examination of the work and potential male dominated comparator roles; and finally, negotiations for a pay increase based on the information gathered.

The cost of the pay increases needs to be government funded, with no negative outcomes for school budgets.

The road to mana taurite - pay equity for administration support staff

There are a few things we need to fully understand before beginning a pay equity claim.

Goal: Who exactly is the pay equity claim for? How do we show that there is a pay equity issue, that because the work is women-dominated it has been historically undervalued? How many people do that work?

Progress: Complete.

What happened: We surveyed school administrators in late 2017 and early 2018 to answer these questions.

The Ministry of Education agreed there are grounds to begin the pay equity claim.

There will be further opportunities for you to take part as the claim progresses.

We've learned so much about the progress from the teacher aide pay equity claim, and it's our hope that their settlement will create a much speedier pathway for other support staff groups. We will be pushing hard for the government to set much faster timeframes for administrators and other groups.

What we've learned so far

Since we've started asking administrators about your work, we've learned some pretty interesting things about the workforce. Here's some of what we've learned.

Your job and grade

The different kinds of administration roles out there, and what they are called. 

Job titles

We asked you what your job title was, and we got...


different job titles

Job descriptions

We asked if you had a written job description, and...


of you said that you had one


We asked what pay grade you're on; here's how it breaks down

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D

Your experience

The experience you bring to your role, both paid and unpaid.

Paid work experience

We asked if you had paid work experience in various fields that could support you in your current role, and you said...

Customer service
Data entry
Financial management
Human resources


Accounting • Administration • Adult ESOL teacher • Advertising • After school care • Auditing • Banking • Board of Trustees • Bus driver • Case manager • Childcare • Cleaner • Counsellor • Data management • Disability worker • Electoral returning officer • Event management • Examiner • Factory hand • Farm managment • Graphic design • Head of department • Home-based care • Hospitality • Human resources • Insurance • IRD • IT repairer • Journalism • Kitchen hand • Legal executive • Management • Nanny • Nurse aide • Nursing • PA • Payroll • Porse educator • Practice manager • Project management • Property manager • Purchasing Officer • QC Team Leader • Real Estate • Sales • School holiday programme • Scientific research • Self employed • Teacher • Teacher Aide • Training provider • Venue Management • Vet nurse

Unpaid work experience

We also asked if you had unpaid work experience, like volunteering for an organisation or caring for your family, and you said...

Running household finances
Volunteering as a club or committee member
Volunteering in school
Managing a team, club, or committee


Accounts • Board of Trustees • Child mentor • Church volunteer • Community board member • Event management • Fundraising • Guides • Host parent to international students • Kindergarten Treasurer • Library assistant • Marae trustee • Neighbourhood Support Coordinator, • Parent of disabled child • Plunket volunteer • Power of Attorney • Property management • PTA Treasurer • Scouts • Small business accounting in family firm • St John's Ambulance volunteer • Volunteer Fire Brigade

We join thousands of people across the country pursuing pay equity

According to the Pay Equity Principles, any employee is entitled to make a pay equity claim – and working people from many industries and sectors are ready put an end to being under-valued and underpaid just because the work we do has historically been done by women.

It’s important we do this together. We’ve fought a long time for workers in female dominated jobs to be paid the same as those in male dominated jobs of comparable skill. The wait is almost over!

The 20 to 40 percent pay rises for aged care workers achieved by E tū and Kristine Bartlett tells us that when we’re in union, we’ve got the best shot at achieving life changing pay rises.