Two women standing together holding Fairs Fair signs

Getting our communities on board for pay equity

You can now sign up to the Pay Equity Pledge and display it to show that you and your colleagues support government-funded pay equity for school support staff and early childhood educators.

It's about keeping the pressure on for pay equity and keeping it visible to the public. This will be a great way to initiate conversations, and for our communities and whānau to see and understand what we are doing as we seek pay justice for educators in women-dominated jobs.

We're encouraging school and centre leaders to sign and display the pledge, but you can also do it as a group, such as a syndicate, or group of staff, and display it in your workplace.

Kaiāwhina, teacher aides, office staff, librarians, kaiārahi i te reo, technicians and other support staff working with children, whānau and schools and educators working in early childhood deserve fair pay for the important work that they do.

This is about all of us. Work done mainly by women should be valued and paid fairly.

Download the Public Attitudes - Teacher Aides and ECE report