Sometimes it feels as if we're not seen as proper teachers, just because we're working with small children.

But I know that we're nurturing the learning of children at the most crucial time in their brain development, and the most important stage in their education. The skills I have as a teacher can help set children up for life.

Mel Burgess, early childhood teacher

Early childhood teachers and workers are some of the most important people in children's lives. 

We nurture children's learning at the most crucial time in their education. Yet we're some of the lowest paid people in New Zealand.

Today we're putting an end to being under-valued and underpaid, just because our work has historically been done by women.

We're starting a new movement, making a historic claim for pay equity for everyone working in ECE.

Teachers and staff are joining forces from all over the country, in private and community-run centres, in an unprecedented show of strength and unity.

For many of us, particularly in private centres, this is the first opportunity to come together to fight for fair pay. Will you join us?

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