Support workers have waited too long

Support workers have waited too long

Support workers do crucial work with the children who need some of the most care and attention. But we're still waiting for a fair go.

Ten years ago, a previous Labour Government promised our sector-mostly women-that they'd address long-standing pay equity issues in our sector.

Three years ago, after the previous National Government had ignored us for years, we took them to court.

One year ago, we entered mediation under new rules described as "a landmark step" at the time.

Today, we're still waiting for an answer. We've even had to file for a hearing in the Employment Court.

It's great that the current Government has made such a strong commitment to pay equity. It's time to deliver.

Here's one quick thing you can do to support us. Send an online postcard to the Education Minister, Chris Hipkins. We'll cc it to Minister Julie-Anne Genter and Minister Iain Lees-Galloway for good measure.

Dear Minister Hipkins,

Thank you for your commitment to pay equity.

Support workers, employed by the Ministry of Education, work to ensure our kids with the highest needs can access learning. They deserve a fair wage for a hard day's work.

A previous Labour Government committed more than a decade ago to address pay equity for these women. The previous National Government ignored this until we went to court in 2015. And now it's been a year since we went to mediation to get a pay equity settlement.

C'mon, fair's fair... it's time to deliver on your promise of pay equity.

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