A quality early childhood education is a great start in life.

We think that every child is worth the best early childhood education New Zealand can possibly provide, and a great start in life.

Research shows that children have huge amounts to gain from high-quality ECE which has powerful life-long positive impacts on their health, wellbeing, and later education.

But while many children get a fantastic early childhood education from qualified, dedicated professional teachers, others can't. The previous Government's decision to freeze core funding means that ECE centres have lost funding of more than $500 per child since 2009. It's led to sharp increases to parent fees in some cases, a deterioration of child-to-teacher ratios, and increasing reliance on unqualified staff.

That's got to change. We want the new Government to restore per-child funding and commit to 100% qualified teachers in every ECE service.

New Zealand can afford to provide quality ECE. That's why we campaign for quality, teacher-led ECE as a right for every child. 

Mā whero mā pango ka oti ai te mahi - with red and black the work will be done. 

It’s time to have our say about making our sector a better place for teachers and children. We’ve started an online conversation to build a teacher perspective about what should be in a ten year strategic plan. We’d love to hear your ideas about what’s critical. 

As a sector, we'll give our final plan to Minister Chris Hipkins by October 2018 - so now's the time to get involved.

People working in ECE have been underpaid for far too long, just because caring for children is seen as "women's work". But we're starting a new movement to change all that.

Have a Heart Pledge

In the lead-up to the General Election in 2017, we challenged MPs and candidates to sign the Have a Heart Pledge, making a promise to work on restoring early childhood.