What does the issue of staff to student ratios mean for you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

Constant stress as you don’t get time to engage. With the increasing number of toddlers entering ECE who have the same level of needs as babies (nappies, bottles, sleep and emotional support) but given the ratios of older children it isn’t quality for them or teachers. Similarly many children with additional needs can mean teachers tend to these children more than others which leads to ongoing struggles and exhaustion as you just don’t have the man power to help.

What will it take to fix staff to student ratios?

Better ratios. Specific ratio for toddlers to be identified and recognised for their own needs.

When we fix staff to student ratios, what impact will that change have on you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

More engaging teachers to help out and extra hands to share the workload. Tamariki will have teachers who aren’t just trying to survive, but are able to express their passion.

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