What is the issue that is most important for you? What does your issue mean for you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

That teachers get their break times, to maintain their own wellbeing.

Some days I work 5 hours before I get my lunchbreak as our morning tea breaks we have on the floor with the tamariki, as we do not have another teacher to cover us to take our morning tea break off the floor.

Often due to supervising our diverse tamariki during their kai time means I do not get an opportunity to eat or drink myself, or even just get off the floor for a moment’s breathe. I can be a better teacher to tamariki if I am feeling well in myself.

What will it take to fix the issue you have identified?

Funding for an extra teacher to cover all staff breaks during the day, so we can take those much needed 10 minute breaks off the floor.

When we fix your issue, what impact will that change have on you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

If I am fueled and less stressed as I have had a moment’s break away from the tamariki I feel better within myself to provide better quality education.

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