What does professional time mean for you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

It means we can maintain aspects of our job that add to the quality of Education we provide.

What will it take to fix the limitations on professional time?

More funding and more recognition of the many diverse duties that are required especially by head teachers. In any one week as a head teacher I can have multiple hui with whanau, education support, management, kahui ako, committees.

On top of this there is often weekly compulsory professional development, Individual and group assessment and planning. Internal evaluation, staff appraisals, health and safety, role management. I am never on top of everything and have to fight for and justify the time I do have. I feel undervalued as a professional because I have to do this and because I care I do mahi in my own time but I am tired probably near burnt out and I cant do this forever.

When we fix professional time, what impact will that change have on you as a teacher, and the tamariki you teach?

It will make my job achievable and position enjoyable if I have time to complete all of the duties that add to quality Early Childhood Education for tamariki. This will lift the quality that I provide, perhaps I could again enjoy teaching without the cloud of what I have not done hanging over me. Perhaps again tamariki could have all the planning, evaluation and experiences they deserve provided.

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