Strike deductions for primary teachers and primary principals: Did you get paid correctly?


Your payday next week on August 29th will be the one with your strike day pay deduction in it.The Ministry says it is making deductions based on 1/365th of your gross annual pay. This is the same process as an ordinary leave without pay deduction. Please check your pay slip, which looks like this (Your payslip should say 'strike without pay'):



You can check whether your pay has been deducted correctly by checking your pay slip against the deduction charts below. The charts are based on your step in the salary scale and also show the impact if you hold units.  For principals it is more difficult to have a chart reflecting all the components of pay, so it is best to take the deduction from your gross annual salary.

If you work part time, you will need to calculate the deduction based on 1/365 divided by 8 to get your hourly rate.

Teacher Deductions

Strike day deduction Teachers

Principal Deductions

Your full pay, including allowances will be included in the deduction.  This table is a general indication only, and only incorporates base salary.  The quickest way to check is to take 1/365 of your gross annual salary.

Strike Day Dedcutions Principals

Worried about your pay?

If you are concerned about the deduction on your pay slip:

  1. Review it against the charts.
  2. If it is wildly different from 1/365 of your gross annual salary, please use the form below to email us. You will need to scan and upload your pay slip and fill out the form below:
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NOTE: When attaching your payslip, please ensure it is under 10MB and one of the following files types : PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF.

TIP : if you are emailed your payslip simply attached the PDF attachment, otherwise you can take a photo with your phone or camera.

Payslips will be reviewed in order that they are received.  Depending on volume this could take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks.  Thank you for your patience.

Authorised by Paul Goulter, National Secretary, NZEI Te Riu Roa, 178 Willis Street Wellington