It's the end of term! Send a postcard to your favourite teacher

On the last day of the school term, many of us will be preparing a thank you for our children's teacher(s): baking cakes or muffins, quickly grabbing a box of chocolates. Or our children will be picking flowers or drawing pictures. Some of us clean forgot or ran out of time.

Whether you have managed to pull off some incredible baking or not, below is a chance to say: thank you.

A thank you to the people who are helping to nurture, guide, inform and coach our kids into being ready for the world.

Your children's teachers have gone the extra mile, and here is a chance for you to say: we noticed and we are grateful. 

Whether your child is in primary school or early childhood, this card is for you and your children to say thank you!

You may have also heard about some of the issues teachers are dealing with in the news or in your community. Teachers are managing increased workloads. Children with high and complex needs in their classrooms and centres are not getting the support those learners deserve.

The result is teachers who are spread too thin, with less time and energy for their core job of planning and delivering programmes that motivate and engage children in learning. We simply need more teaching staff in our schools and centres, whether that's specialist teachers, support staff or more teachers.

Meanwhile - whether it is primary or early childhood, teachers and support staff aren't paid what they deserve.

Teachers are at breaking point. They love their jobs - but it's the middle of the year and they're exhausted.

Here's one quick thing you can do to support us. Fill in this thank you card and show them love!


To my favourite teacher,

Thank you for your commitment to the tamariki of Aotearoa.

Both for the things we see, and the things we don't, your hard work does not go unappreciated.

Educating New Zealand's children is a vital public service. We need great teachers, and you are my favourite.

Kia kaha - your community is behind you!

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