Making it possible

Celebrating Support Staff Day • 16 May 2018

Support Staff Day is our chance to reflect on how much we make possible in our school and for children and young people.

16 May 2018 was the first International Day of Education Support Staff Personnel and the theme was Making it possible. On that day, we stood with millions of people who do amazing work, who are stepping up to assert their rightful place in the education community, and raised awareness of their contributions.

Right now, in Aotearoa, we're doing just that. By pursuing pay equity for thousands of school support staff, we're putting an end to our work being undervalued just because it's been traditionally done by women.

Achieving pay equity will mean our working lives will be changed - with life-changing pay rises and true recognition.

In 2018, we reflected on what achieving pay equity would make possible for us.


Remember the paper fortune teller? We've updated it and given it a support staff twist.

Download and print off a fortune teller template and fold your own!

  1. Cut out, and then place print side down.
  2. Fold corners A B C D into the middle.
  3. Turn over and fold corners with dotted lines
  4. Pry the paper open with your fingers.

You will need to create room for your thumb and finger to hold up the fortune teller.

As you play the fortune teller, you'll see that it uncovers just a few of the things that are possible thanks to School Support Staff.

Keep or share the fortune teller throughout the day.