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Support staff brand

We’re making a difference for support staff

This year, we have an opportunity to make a real difference to the pay and employment of support staff.

Member leaders have developed a plan to do this using feedback from members, their knowledge of long-standing issues, and the new opportunity of pay equity processes that are already underway for teacher aides.

It's a pretty simple plan but it will require all of us (and more!) to be committed and active. We need you now!

We surveyed members and they told us they wanted:

  • improved pay rates;
  • increased job security;
  • better access to career development, including access to professional development, recognition of qualifications and developmental appraisals.

There were also two very specific issues that were raised:

  • increasing the mileage rate to match other collective agreements;
  • changing the name and the value of the dirty work allowance.

Many people also wanted us to think of a better name than ‘support staff’, as this doesn’t accurately reflect the work and contribution they make in schools.

The plan has two strands

Strand one:

Focus our collective agreement negotiations on claims that address immediate issues like pay increases and changes to the existing Dirty Work Allowance. We would also like to introduce new entitlements that support the pay equity settlements, for example, the study leave fund.

Strand two:

Pay equity settlements offer the best opportunity to make significant improvements to pay rates and job security. The teacher aide process is nearly over and we are pushing for the negotiating phase to begin as soon as possible. We are making sure our work is robust and comprehensive so we have the strongest evidence possible, but we will also need members involved to keep the pressure on government.

The Ministry have agreed to set timeframes for the pay equity claims of other support staff and kaiarahi before the SSCA collective expires in July.

It’s time for support staff to build their collective power to make a real difference to their pay and working conditions. Sign on to make a difference and show your support.

School administrators keep our schools running smoothly, day in and day out.

We're kicking off our pay equity claim for school administration staff—first of all, by finding out exactly what it is that these staff do. We'll use this information as part of the claim to help understand the value that you bring to your workplace.

Paid union meetings were held between 12 June - 2 July to enable members to vote on the issues they want to take into negotiations for the renewal of their collective agreements.

Support Staff Day 2019

We celebrated International Day of Education Support Staff Personnel on 16 May 2019 with a number of events and festivities across the country.

Given that this year is a big year for support staff, we're also planning campaign events for our traditional Support Staff Day - the second Wednesday of June. There will be more information available closer to the time, so keep an eye out for this.

In the leadup to the General Election in 2017 we challenged sitting MPs and candidates to spend a day walking in our shoes. 

101 reasons why support staff need better funding

We asked the community to tell us why it's so important that support staff are valued. We asked for 101 reasons why - and we got dozens more than that.

Inclusive education

Many of our support staff members are specialists who work alongside disabled children and their whānau to make sure that they're getting access to an equitable education.