We have reached a settlement on the SSSCA and KTCA

We have reached a settlement with the Ministry of Education on both collective agreements. Member voices and actions have assisted the negotiation team reach this point, and we have agreed to put the offer to ratification ballot.

The team view is that the offer has something for everyone and goes some way to addressing the three priorities for Support Staff - Better Pay, Job Security and Meaningful Career Pathways. The highlights of the Terms of Settlement are:

  • Better Pay
  • Job Security
  • Disregarded sick leave clause added to the collective agreement
  • Improvement to the sick leave entitlement for Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists, and introduction of 10 days annual minimum sick leave for all members.
  • Reduction of the ability to vary Support Staff hours from 25% to 20%, alongside requirements for longer notice and consultation periods, and allowing support people.
  • A Professional Learning and Development Fund of $4 million over the term of the collective agreements for Teacher Aides and Kaiārahi i te Reo.
  • A commitment to establish a working group to investigate and report on career progression and professional learning and development for Administrators.

Paid union meetings for all members covered by the Support Staff Collective Agreement and Kaiārahi i te Reo Collective Agreement are coming up on June 10.

These meetings will be a chance to hear more about the settlement offer and to give you a chance to vote on the offer.

This year we are celebrating Support Staff Week from 6-10 June and we're taking the opportunity to highlight the important work that Support Staff do!

As negotiations continue for the Support Staff Collective Agreement, we're telling your stories and calling on the ministry to make us an offer!

We've reached a settlement in the Pay Equity Claim for School Administrators! This represents an acknowledgement of the importance of this work and seeks to address the historic undervaluing of these roles.

Teacher aides have received a pay equity settlement!

The pay equity settlement for teacher aides includes pay increases, changes to the way skills are assessed, a new allowance, changes to how much hours can be varied, and the development of career pathways.

Teacher aides have voted to endorse the settlement. Next, all support staff will vote on whether to vary the collective agreement.

Teacher aide Professional Learning and Development (PLD)

NZEI Te Riu Roa, the Ministry of Education and the NZ School Trustees Associatio agreed to establish a pilot fund of $790,000 to provide access to PLD. The teacher aide pay equity settlement included an increase up to $2.29 million over 18 months from 1 July 2020.

It's time for support staff to build their collective power to make a real difference to their pay and working conditions. Sign on to make a difference and show your support.

Many of our support staff members are specialists who work alongside disabled children and their whānau to make sure that they're getting access to an equitable education.