Suffrage Day 19 September 2019

It's 126 years since New Zealand women won the right to vote, but we're still fighting for pay equity!

On Women's Suffrage Day, the National Council of Women New Zealand, the union movement and other organisations are banding together to call on everyone who believes in fair pay - Let's get the message out there that it's time for pay equity!

It's black and white - that we need fair pay in Aotearoa.

Let's close the gender pay gap and encourage the government to speed up and fund implementation of pay equity agreements.



Download this poster, print it out and put it up in your worksite, encouraging your workmates to wear black and white in support of pay equity.

Encourage your friends, whānau and neighbours to join you in wearing black and white and share your photos on social media using the hashtags #fairsfair and #manataurite.