Initial Teacher Education 2040

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Initial Teacher Education (ITE) plays a vital role in our education system. It prepares future teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to begin teaching. It also feeds the latest developments in pedagogy and teacher practice back into the sector, as a crucial interface between pedagogical theory, research, and classroom practice.

A well-functioning ITE system is led by the profession, replenishes and refreshes the teaching workforce, and sustains the overall sector, allowing for constant improvement and responsiveness to the needs of tamariki.

Therefore, it's important we get it right.

Join us on our journey towards better initial education for our teachers

In order to advocate for meaningful and lasting change in this space, we must take the time to understand what's working, what's not, and send a clear message to the sector on what needs to change. This means we need your input!

Read the discussion paper

Think of this as a starter-for-ten on the current state of initial teacher education, along with some ideas around what the future could look like if changes are made.

Unpack the Issues

Join us for the launch of our discussion paper and hear from a panel of experts on the subject of educating educators in Aotearoa. Click the link below to register now!

Complete the Survey

Once you've had a refresher on the issues, we want to know what you think! Complete the survey at the link below. The results will form the basis of our position paper on ITE.

What's the timeline?

Are you a starting out teacher or student?

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